Today’s stock market schedule on Thursday, January 16

1. The Constitutional Court’s public debate on whether anti-speculation measures for virtual currency are unconstitutional.

– The Constitutional Court will decide through an open hearing on whether the government’s then-emergency measures, which call for the real-name transaction of virtual currency, violate the Constitution in 2017.

– The government established emergency measures for virtual currency in December 2017 and announced special measures to eliminate speculation in virtual currencies on December 28, 2017. As a result, virtual accounts cannot be used for virtual currency transactions, and I/O can only be used between bank accounts that have been verified by me and the same bank accounts of the virtual currency exchange.

2. Household loans to deposit-taking institutions in Nov.

– The current status of household loans for deposit-taking institutions will be announced at 12:00 on November 16.


– KVISPAC (SPAC) KVISPAC 20 will hold a two-day public offering on July 16 and 17.
– A total of 6 million shares will be put up for public subscription with KB Investment & Securities as its flagship company. The initial public offering price for K-Vispack 20 is 2,000 won.

4. Hana Financial Spac 15

– KVISPAC (SPAC) KVISPAC 20 will hold a two-day public offering on July 16 and 17.
– A total of 4.5 million shares will be put up for public subscription with Hana Financial Investment as its flagship company. Hana Financial’s SPAC 15 offering price is 2,000 won.

5. Financial Supervisory Service to Hold Sanctions Review Committee on Derived Combined Fund (DLF) Crisis

– The Financial Supervisory Service is scheduled to hold a sanctions review committee on Jan. 16 to sanction Woori Bank and KEB Hana Bank for causing interest-linked spin-off funds in major countries.

– Considering the social ramifications caused by the DLF scandal, the level of institutional sanctions against banks is expected to be severe.

6. Decrease in overdue interest rates on health insurance and national pension premiums

– The overdue interest rate on health insurance and national pension premiums will be lowered from Jan. 16.

– Under the law on lowering overdue interest rates on health insurance premiums, the overdue interest rate on health insurance premiums will be lowered from the current maximum of 9 percent to at least 5 percent, and the overdue interest rate on national pension premiums will also be lowered from the current maximum of 9 percent.

7. GM Korea to Launch SUV Trailblazer

– GM Korea’s sport utility vehicle “Trailblazer” is scheduled to be released on Jan. 16.

– Specific specifications, prices and pre-contract schedules will be unveiled on the same day, and the Trail Blazer is a subcompact SUV that fills the gap between the compact SUV track and the midsize SUV Equinox.

8. The movie ‘Bulun’ is released.

the release of the movie “The Balloon.”
January 16th (Tuesday)
Directed by Michael Herbig.
Appearance: Friedrich Merck, Caroline Schher, Alicia von Ritberg, etc.
Distribution: Semicolon Studios

9. Videoconferencing with the EU to discuss the adequacy test

– The Ministry of Public Administration and Security and the Korea Communications Commission will hold a video conference with the EU on January 16 to discuss the adequacy test (a measure that enables the reversal of personal information among EU residents by considering that the level of privacy is equal to that of the EU).

– In addition, a draft evaluation of the adequacy of the EU’s assessment of the level of personal information protection in Korea will be announced as early as February.

10. Goenka Mahindra to Visit Korea

– Pawan Kuma Koenka, the chairman of Ssangyong`s board of directors, is scheduled to visit Korea on January 16

Through his visit to Korea, Koenka will meet management and labor, the main creditor Korea Development Bank, and government officials to confirm the investment will of the major shareholder Mahindra Group and ask for cooperation in reviving the company.

11. Financial authorities announce details of regulations on charter loans

– Financial authorities are planning to announce on January 16 a detailed plan to implement regulations on jeonse loans contained in measures to stabilize the housing market.

– On April 16, the government announced that it would restrict the use of private (SGI Seoul Guarantee) charter guarantees to homeowners with a market value of more than 900 million won, and that it would collect jeonse loans if a tenant borrower bought a house worth more than 900 million won, and the announcement will include details on how to apply them on the spot.

12. Financial Services Commission, Fintech Policy Conference

– The Financial Services Commission and other related agencies will hold a fintech policy briefing at the Seoul Creative Hub on Jan. 16.

– It is heard that this presentation will share the direction of fintech policy and conduct a meeting with industries this year.

13. Hold Industrial Competitiveness Forum

– On January 16, an industrial competitiveness forum will be held in Yeouido, Seoul, hosted by the National Institute for Future Studies and sponsored by the Korea Economic Daily.

– The theme of the forum is known as “the vision and direction of development of high-tech regenerative medicine industries such as stem cells.”

14. Unlisted from Hancom Gem

– As Hancom GMD is merged into HancomWid, it will be delisted on January 16, 2020.

15. Discounted Protective Predictions

– Point Engineering, Korea Corporation

16. Additional listed stocks

– Hyunjin Materials (CB Conversion), Esmac (CB Conversion), National Japan Restoration (CB Change), Green Cross Cell (CB Transformation), GemBax (CB Change), Asiana Airlines (CB Switching), D&C Media (Stock Option Event), Rutronic (Share Conversion)

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